Sphero RVR

SESC has several Sphero kits to choose from including Sphero SPRK+, Sphero RVR, and Sphero INDI. Use the Sphero dropdown in the menu bar to view the separate Sphero kits.

SESC's Sphero RVR classroom kit includes 5 robots.

RVR is made for makers, hackers, coders – and you. Sphero’s revolutionary take on what it means to be programmable, this all-terrain robot is built for customization. Code with it, build on it and hack the robot of your dreams. With RVR, you can go anywhere and do anything.

  • Drive anywhere with RVR’s powerful motor, all-terrain treads, and high torque

  • A customizable expansion plate lets you connect third-party hardware and change the mobile robot’s look and feel

  • Packed with tons of advanced robot sensors that you can code and hack

  • Play educational games, create your own and learn how to program through play-based learning