Sphero SPRK+

SESC has several Sphero kits to choose from including Sphero SPRK+, Sphero RVR, and Sphero INDI. Use the Sphero dropdown in the menu bar to view the separate Sphero kits.

SESC's Sphero kit includes 15 SPRK+ robots and 5 mini golf robots.

The Sphero SPRK is a robotic ball which teaches the basics of coding. Several modes of driving motion can be used to learn how to navigate Sphero, such as Freeplay, MacroLab, and OrbBasic. MacroLab and OrbBasic teach students the fundamentals of coding by telling Sphero to follow commands such as movement, stopping, time, distance, and color change.

Click on the Sphero EDU Activities link to access the entire Sphero EDU library.

Sphero EDU Activities

​Activities can be filtered by subject and grade level.